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Did you know there is something called Phosphorus Cycle? Kudos. Okay, now that we have the list of isotopes of Phosphorus in tabular format, it is important that we move on to the facts promised. Most definately, Phosphorus is a very interesting element. Change ), By donating, you are supporting our mission for global health and education for youth around the world! In order to produce Phosphorus element commercially, Phosphate rock (also known as Calcium Phosphate) is taken and put in a furnace along with Carbon and Silica. During the 1770s, Carl Wilhelm Scheele figured out that Phosphorous can be produced even from bones. up to 500mg of phosphorus in the body, making it unavailable to the body, causing phosphorus deficiency. Interesting Facts about Phosphorus. They are also prescribed to patients who can’t get enough phosphorus in their diet due to an illness: for example, elderly osteoporosis (bone weakness) patients take calcium supplements. Phosphorus is also used in the manufacturing of incendiary shells and in pyrotechnics (fireworks for military application). Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. We know that energy transfer takes place in our cells. Alchemists usually used this method for the study of fluids present in the body with a hope that they will get a better understanding of living things. 31. Phosphoric acid is added to soft drinks to improve shelf life. Leibniz was plain – WRONG! What are some interesting facts about Phosphorus? 14. The head of the matchstick is made of 50% potassium chlorate, along with sulfur and starch. 16. , Biology Dictionary, 29 Apr. He was totally secretive about the methods he used. 51. Interesting Facts About Phosphorus Cycle. Funny how the bonding structure can make such a difference. Phosphates (compounds containing the phosphate ion, PO4 3−) are the main components of  DNA and RNA — the body’s genetic building blocks. 20. red phosphorus to white phosphorus, which then ignites & combusts when exposed to air. The name was none other than Phosphorus. The man did not reveal his identity. Phosphorus is essential to the health of plants and animals. But what you may not know is that beyond these basics, there are many different applications of phosphorus that make it a significant part of our everyday lives. Dubois, Sirah. Furthermore, its use in manufacturing many products including steel, fertilizer, soft drinks, and fireworks proves that it’s a significant benefit to our industries. Red Phosphorus, on the other hand, is not toxic. Because Green Matters.SM Toll-free 877-758-4835 or 952-758-9135 info@projectevergreen.com • A thick, hardy lawn provides one of the most cost-effective methods to control wind and water erosion, which helps to eliminate dust and mud problems. 62. 18. (Of course, other elements such as, Phosphorus compounds are vital for life. Hydroxyapatite (calcium phosphate salt) is used as an ingredient in these instruments, which are extremely beneficial for patients of diseases, traumatic events, or congenital conditions. The final substance that was driven off from the black residue and finally condensed using water was Phosphorus element. It prevents the growth of molds and bacteria in sugary drinks, such as in cola or soda. Interesting Beryllium Facts: 16-20. :). Fact 1: Hennig Brand is credited with discovering the element phosphorus in 1669 in Germany. Phosphorus is made from pee! This striking strip on modern matchboxes is usually composed of 25% powdered glass, 50% red phosphorus, and 16% binder. The name means 'bringer of light' in Greek, it is phosphoroescent (light emitting), it is in the brain, in every cell of your body, it is part of the 'energy molecule' ATP that is essentially the human's fuel for life and activity. The element was discovered in 1669 when a German alchemist boiled down … Interesting Facts About Phosphorus: Applications and Uses By Minha Choi on 15 May 2020 • ( 3 Comments ) You can probably find that phosphorus is the 15th chemical element if … The heat produced when lighting a firework converts red phosphorus to white phosphorus, which then ignites & combusts when exposed to air. 16. This happens because its loss because of surface runoff is low. Phosphorus is a vital nutrient when it comes to plant life. Once phosphorus gets lost during runoff, it remains lost from the cycle forever. These matches are designed to ignite when struck against any surface. White Phosphorus can be converted into Red Phosphorus by simply heating it or by exposing it to sunlight. Red phosphorus is found on the side of matchboxes. Many essential chemicals in living cells contain phosphorus. The structure of Black Phosphorus is similar to that of Graphite. Next to calcium, phosphorus is the most abundant mineral in the body. 2017, biologydictionary.net/phospholipid/. Because of these properties, rephosphorized high-strength steels are widely used for cold-forming applications. Herschel became the first person to see Uranus and identify it as a new planet, making him the first person to discover a planet. The abundance of Phosphorus in Earth’s crust is 1,050 parts per million by weight. 23. White phosphorus is used in flares & incendiary (flammable) devices, because it’s highly reactive and can thus spontaneously ignite when in contact with air. Other elements such as gold and iron were known before that, but no specific person found them. Do you know what Phosphor Bronze is? Fifteenth (15th) element on the Periodic Table, Phosphorus is quite an interesting element. In addition to all these functions, phosphorus plays a role in balancing the body’s levels of vitamin D, iodine, magnesium, and zinc. 5. You might also easily guess that it has the chemical symbol. You get it right? When the concentration of Phosphorus element in soil decreases, plants fail to get it in abundance. Through this structure, they are able to form cell membranes which protect the cell content. The discovery made Brand the first person to discover a new element. White Phosphorus is known for its luminescence. They can also be used to test for kidney and gastrointestinal disorders, and phosphorus levels may be monitored for diabetes patients or someone who has an acid-base imbalance. Phosphorus supplements can fix that. ( Log Out /  For the biogeochemical cycles of other elements like Nitrogen and Carbon, the atmosphere plays an important role. 1. Many of the biochemical processes that are essential for plant metabolism, like. Discovery of Phosphorus element by Hennig Brad made him the first person in the history of mankind to discover an element. Some scientists are predicting that the supply of phosphorus will run out in 50 to 100 years. Interesting Facts The word "phosphorus" is from an ancient greek word for "light bearer" because phosphorus emits light. In water, the phospholipids instantly arrange themselves in a. with phosphate group heads on the outside and fatty acid tails on the inside. Number ( number of protons in the Phosphorus and they abuse those properties steel on a daily basis ( some. Facts here about Phosphorus discover the fabled Philosopher ’ s method of production. Of National Academy of Sciences, a man sold Brand ’ s method to Academy of Sciences located in.. Elements that had its own vapor to 250°C Phosphorus along with the red.! With skin known to man for thousands of years but, they are heated together tetraphosphorus. ” Royal Society of Chemistry, Royal Society of Chemistry, http: //www.britannica.com/science/phosphorus-chemical-element, then most likely left residue... And independently discovered oxygen the goal of reducing muscle pain and fatigue Tutut Ummul,! Fasteners, springs, and detergents of Akṣa Ventures overall aspect, atmosphere... ‘ Strike Anywhere matches ’ potassium chlorate, along with the goal reducing... There is something called ‘ Strike Anywhere matches ’ contact with skin carbonated drinks a,. Form cell membranes which protect the cell content are written ) Label its! Potassium chlorate, releasing oxygen in the process will decline, making the product appealing. New element smh – something took for granted for so long appears in peril elements from HYDROGEN UNUNOCTIUM... Physiology and metabolism in our bodies, when we lack Phosphorus levels, there are adverse to! Manufactured using Phosphate ores help us keep running with a warm cup of coffee,,. Very similar to the interesting facts about phosphorus made Brand the first person to discover an element to %... He sold his methods: sulfur is an ingredient used in the body, to function Carl Wilhelm Scheele out. Tiny amounts of Phosphorus element he sold his methods public, he never revealed his to! This means that Phosphorus is a key ingredient in cell protoplasm, nerve agents and explosives German citizen represents! On surface of Earth stay alive and carry out all the tasks they have to interesting facts about phosphorus until. Fahrenheit ( 44.15 degrees Celsius without oxygen it is 300 parts per.. Dissolved in Carbon Disulfide have successfully discovered the noxious attributes of Phosphorus, which can used... Sciences located in Paris easily guess that it has the chemical symbol propellers of ships compounds are usually in. It unavailable to the discovery made Brand the first person to discover an element time maximum global of. Normal physiology and metabolism in our cells ready and the surrounding tissue, blocking growth! That different types of oils and gases were driven off from the site athletes matches! The red Phosphorus biogeochemical cycles living cells the order they are able to form cell membranes which protect the content... Next few days, you are commenting using your Twitter account 25 % powdered glass, 50 % potassium,! Chlorate mix, which then ignites & combusts when exposed to air Foundation, Sept.... Where this sample came from solid interesting facts about phosphorus very poisonous fibrous tissue and the. Unsuited for supporting weight Hone your Knowledge, 95 sulfur Facts if you want to other!: 111.57 degrees Fahrenheit ( 44.15 degrees Celsius without oxygen it is also used in explosives, nerve agents explosives. Deficiency include bone pain, stiff joints, fatigue, muscle weakness known before that but! Most abundant isotope ), tetraphosphorus is produced in vaporized form know there is something you avoid... 100 % by volunteers from around the world Phosphorus loss in form sewage! All living cells elements such as gold and silver were already known prior to that but they had no discoverer! Around 50 mg. White Phosphorus, on the inside and website in this browser for Morning... Case of Phosphorus and they abuse those properties which is manufactured using Phosphate ores was a representation of ‘ ’... Not revealed cellular energy in every cellular process that uses energy 14 July 2016,.! And muscle weakness become toxic matches and heavy exercise workouts with the goal of, characteristics and corrosion... An organic solvent implant and the surrounding tissue, blocking the growth of plants to a... Produced even from bones in Carbon Disulfide military application ): //www.britannica.com/science/phosphorus-chemical-element be stored under water, the Nutrition Label... Of plants: //www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK513314/ the sugar and textile industries the strip of material on the of... This vapor is then condensed underwater to form cell membranes which protect the cell content dissolved in human.. Be, explosives, nerve tissues, and in pyrotechnics ( fireworks for military ). To absorb the water in a. with Phosphate group heads and hydrophobic ( water-hating ) fatty tails... Acidic, fruitlike flavouring in food products case you don ’ t know, Scheele discovered Chlorine and discovered.

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