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jason merrells emmerdale

Have you been pleased with the new direction for the character? "Definitely! ", What do you think the future will hold for Declan once the rest of the Maceys have departed? Jason handed over some drugs on condition that Aaron did some jobs for him and Aaron agreed. ", Are there any characters on Emmerdale who you'd love Declan to share more scenes with in the future? Jason was an inmate at HMP Hotten and a drug dealer on the wing Aaron Dingle was imprisoned in in early 2017.. Jason was first imprisoned in about 2011, just after his then girlfriend had given birth to his child.By 2017, Jason's former girlfriend was in New Zealand with their child and Jason was behind bars again. See all photos. Hollyoaks spoilers FRIDAY FAVOURITES shows FIRST EVER 1995 episode! Jason’s alter-ego is due to marry Charity Tate (Emma Atkins) on the show. Digital Spy participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. "Well, I think at the moment Declan has got his thing with Katie going on and he's enjoying the lack of drama surrounding the relationship compared to his last one! "Yeah, I'll really miss them all! Emmerdale star Jason Merrells says being separated from his family is the toughest part of the job. Emmerdale's Declan Macey is getting married but twice divorced actor Jason Merrells is taking it slow His on screen character is hearing wedding bells but Jason Merrells … Jason gave Aaron the most risky job, delivering the drugs to fellow prisoners. So Declan is forced to tell Mia the truth. Samuel Edward-Cook. Unfortunately, sometimes when those bombshells happen, it means that you have to play out the consequences and I think Emmerdale have been brave to do that. 'Emmerdale' Katie will challenge Declan, says Jason Merrells, 'Emmerdale' Declan is manic over Mia bombshell, says Jason Merrells, 'Emmerdale' Declan to get revenge against Bartons, says Jason Merrells. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hopefully we'll see that Mia does understand, because Declan just didn't want to hurt her. Last appearance ", We know that Corrinne Wicks has now left Emmerdale, so will you miss working with her and the rest of the Maceys? Both of them have been around the block.”, Ex star Jason Merrells says Emmerdale is overlooked in TV awards, even when it’s the best soap (VIDEO), ‘My new role is dark and dangerous!’ says Jason Merrells, Safe House’s Jason Merrells: ‘I’m glad they didn’t kill me off in Emmerdale’, EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell gets Callum Highway on board. "I don't think Declan would see it as ruthless - I think it's just that he's front-footed and direct. "I'm very pleased, yes. Declan was biding his time, and I guess I was too! ", As a result of this storyline, Declan has reason to be angry with the Bartons and Jai. He's assertive, and he's quite a typical entrepreneur or businessman in many ways. The actor's alter ego, Declan Macey, will be arrested this week for covering up the discovery of a body on his land and Jason is keen to see the land owner pushed to … "Mia is annoyed with Declan but I don't think she gets too angry about it - I think she can understand that it's not something he wanted to keep from her. In the immediate future, I think that's what we'll see from Declan and then beyond that, we'll see what happens…", A couple of our readers have pointed out that Katie's boyfriends often seem to have bad things happen to them, so could Declan fall victim to the curse of Katie?! In February 2017, Jason was introduced to Aaron Dingle on the first day of his twelve-month sentence for GBH. But I think I've been quite lucky as I tend to go across quite a lot of stories, so I've worked with a lot of the cast already. She picks up her mum’s phone and dials.”. I see them all regularly,” he said. He definitely doesn't enjoy it, because he knows that it's going to hurt her so much. Myself and James often have to work quite hard not to start laughing during them! ", What was Frank Kelly, who plays Dermot, like to work with? I don't think Declan was particularly back in love with Ella - I think he was just coasting for the sake of his daughter - but even so, it's a slight that he can't resist avenging himself for. They have been coming up here a bit, but you miss them so much,” he told the Daily Mirror. “It’s been really tough being away from them. "Yes. Spouse(s) In the aftermath of the revelation, Ella finds herself banished from the village as Declan books her a one-way ticket to Singapore, but she makes sure to leave with a bang as she exposes a secret stemming back 20 years, telling him that Jai is Mia's biological father….

Gabrielle Union Parents Haitian, Another Woman (2019), Can Carbon Copy Cloner Clone Windows Drives, Gavin Rossdale Net Worth 2020, Is Home Improvement On Netflix, Barcelona Country, Knoxville Soccer Clubs,